What should I wear to a concert? 

Although it is commonly believed that there is a dress code, in fact, there is not a dress code for Pinnacle Concert performances. The typical patron's attire ranges from office casual to evening attire. This is your experience - dress how you feel comfortable! 



Is special access seating available for those patrons requiring wheelchairs or having other special needs? 

Pinnacle’s sanctuary has seating available for those patrons requiring wheelchair access or with other special needs. When possible, special access seating should be reserved in advance. Contact us at pcs@pinnaclepres.org for details and seat availability. 



I purchased tickets but can no longer attend the concert. What should I do? 

Tickets to Pinnacle Concerts are not returnable for refunds or exchanges. If you have purchased tickets and are not able to use them, consider giving them to a relative or a neighbor. 



Can tickets for upcoming concerts be purchased at “will-call”? 

Yes. Tickets for all performances can be purchased prior to a concert.



How early should I arrive for a concert? 

The doors to the auditorium open thirty minutes before each performance. If you are in need of purchasing tickets or receiving tickets from “will-call”, this can be done one hour prior to the start of the concert. 



What about cell phones and pagers? 

Please be courteous to patrons and performers by turning off cell phones and pagers prior to the concert. 



May I take photographs and record parts of the concert? 

Taking photos and recording live music during a Pinnacle Concert is not allowed.